Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Polished Boudoir for Baby

Few things in life are as special & exciting as a new baby! I adore nothing more than working with expecting parents on their new love's room. Designing for baby can still be chic. Here's the deal with nurseries...

There is NO rule that says that "Adult" elements are forbidden. In fact, what really makes a nursery polished is to forgo the undeniable saccharine "baby" furniture all together. Sophisticated elements can be playful & precious. The key is to keep color palettes lighthearted & incorporate furniture that is both practical and fresh. Lighting, area rugs, window treatments & accessories are all great opportunities to mingle "Grown Up" with Baby.

Congratulations on your New Love!

A great Area Rug makes a Big & FUN statement

A fresh Wall Stencil creates modern Whimsy 

Precious Touches flawlessly mix with
Grown Up drapery & lighting

Wallpapering an accent wall adds color & character 

Flea Market finds are Fabulous for Baby! 

PAINT ='s  Cost Effective & High Impact

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Freaking Out at Target

Any Designer of Any Genre will Tell  you . . . Good Design is simply Good Design. Ingenuous and Candid.  It's the truth. This is Precisely what Lures me to Target time and again . Frankly, I can't help myself.  A few weeks ago I went for Dog treats & frozen Edamame. I don't have to tell you what followed. . .

I freaked out at Target. 
Here's what - 

Fun yet Sophisticated outdoor (yes, plastic) dining. Plates $1.99-2.49. Platters $12.99. Bowls $2.49-6.99. 

Chic Wood trays. Think outside of the Kitchen. They are great in ANY room. Perfect for dropping Keys on in the Entry or giving your TV/stereo Remotes a Home. $18.59 for rectangular - $19.29 for square . 

Lighting . . .
There were 2 great Glass Lamps- endlessly classic. $49.99 each.

And never a Shortage of Basic (paramount to any great lamp update) Drum Shades. 

Loved the selection of Acrylic Bases. . . picked up a few. $29.99-39.99

I was all over the Bedding. They had a variety of Fresh accessories- perfect for a quick update. Pillows $24.99 each.

Great Buy for a Chic Geometric Duvet & Shams. $99.99 Queen.

Accessories . . .
Who doesn't love a 'Lil Morocco? Make that Metallic Morocco. Ottoman/Footstool $59.99 Ya Habibi

Understated Graphic candles. Perfect alone or in a Group.

I spotted a couple of sublimely Loud photo frames. Tribal. Love. Butterflies in my Belly.

Elegant yet Unpretentious storage. Natural to boot. $12.99-29.99

A series of This little Statement of a mirror would be killer on an accent wall. $19.99

When my Brother sees this post he will undoubtedly mock me for laying out an area rug on the floor of Target and photographing it. Yes, I am That Girl. Because I adore you- and you must have this woven piece of joy. $39.99

I was just about to become distracted by the shrieking billowing from Aisle 15 (Toys & Electronics) when I came upon a couple of great little tables. . .

Modern mirrored Deco $99.99 

Updated Traditional $69.99 

A sweet little Parson's Cube $39.99

Modern & Masculine. Black tray table. $39.99

I'm still smiling about this little Geometric love. $79.99. Adore.

And then the crying over Dora The Explorer tennis shoes (they glow after all) proved to be too much and I High Tailed it outta there. Until next time, I love you Target. Happy Bargain Shopping!