Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Decorating for the Holidays

Although my beloved Clark Griswold would vehemently disagree, I believe in subtlety when it comes to Holiday decor. I am all for incorporating the the spirit of the season in the home . . it's just that giant snowmen, multicolored flashing lights, and borderline creepy Santa figurines can be, well, scary. Here are my picks for this season's sophisticated touches. . .

Swap out your everyday throw pillows for punchy new versions that echo the vibe of the season. I adore this chevron love from Deco Yellow.  

Holiday Trellis $80

Holiday Sparkle $50
Go Greek $18

Sliver Silk $55

Candy Cane Love $24

Fun, Modern Menorahs are unexpected and always a hit!

Winter Branches $99

Jonathan Adler's Utopia $295

Mod Menorah $150

City Folks Skyline $125

Puzzled $159

Puppy Love $120

Rethink your Holiday Stockings. . .displaying these modern takes on Santa's Sock are a whimsical and unpredictable way to bring in the season.

Simple & Sweet $26

Union Jack $36

Rustic Sweet $18

Even Sweeter $21

Chevron! Color! Pattern! Oh my! $18.50 each

Be Fabulous You and go Bespoke $150 for 4

Or just keep the decorating neutral all together. . .

Porcelain Glow $6-8

Magnolia Leaf Wreath $65

Twig Globe $70

Feather Wreath $19

Winter Forest Candles $20-45

Lacey Snowflake Decals $23 for 6

Simply Etched $24-29

Last but not least is my favorite pick for this season- a true City Girl's delight . . . No muss no fuss.

Decal Pine $55

Happy Holidays with Big Love to All!

Monday, November 7, 2011