Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stencils - Must Practice Restraint

Mick Jagger
Philippe Starck + Union Jack
Dying . I'm dying
It's officially Project Season . And I'm legitimately Obsessed with Stencils . Stencils are THE Sublime Solution for the Quick & easy design Pick Me Up you have been Longing for. They are REUSABLE, cost Less than Dinner on the Town & are the ultimate Non-Garish (put down the Jo-Ann Fabrics coupon) DIY project. I'm currently having a Flamboyant love Affair with a sophisticated little Number that I picked up from Cutting Edge Stencils . Here are my loves . . .

Love on Your walls . Stencils can create a Custom Wallpaper feel at a fraction of the Cost .

"Rabat" $38.95

"Damask Nadya" $39.95

"Shipibo" $38.95

"Covington" $42.95

"Zagora" $39.95

Hell Yes . All Hot & Bothered

Furniture Love . . . .Inspire a Flea Market or Garage Sale find. Or fall Back in Lust with what you Already own .

This I Adore

Non Offensive Kid Furniture 

Love what Ya Got

Update a Chest with this Ribbon Damask $32

Rockin' a Flea Market Find

When your Landlord gifts you a Lemon Add vodka

Fabrics are Also yearning for the Love. Who doesn't obsess over Bespoke Decor? Forget that I asked . . I don't want to Know .  Remember to switch to Fabric Paint .

Royal Burlap . Hot. $18

No longer A Boring Roller Shade

European Style Storage $25

For the Coolest Man in your Life. $25

Shake Up the Bedroom . Dig your Headboard

British Invasion of Your Office . $25/set of 4

Oh so French . $28

I love you Trellis Stencil . You made my Shade Ridiculous

Aaaaaaaaand Floors & Ceilings . They too Clamor for Stencil Affection.  You can Stencil your Floors with the same Guys you would Use on the Ceiling . . . Just not at the Same time . Try out the Wall Stencils we Chatted about earlier for these Unexpected applications .

Need it Want it . Want it Need it

Downright Sexy

Camel Bone Weave $39

Georgian Ceiling Medallion Stencil $54.95

Try not to Smile

Finally, Stencils make for some Fantastic albeit Banksy Inspired Art. 

My boyfriend Mick Jagger . Again .

A nod to The Beasties $9.50

Liz Taylor 9x12 on canvas $20

Custom Deco Monogram Stencils $17. 95
May I add . . . Freaking Out

Awww Shucks, Stencils . I'm exhausted . Time for a hot shower .

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Little Green Thumb

Dolce & a Can of Thyme
I love to Garden. . . especially Herbs. There's just Something about it. City living Creates some challenges . . .But I am Not easily Scared. Nor should you Be. Arm yourself with a Bag of Potting soil, a drill (you need to add a few holes to the Bottom of your Container so Water can escape) and Colorful flowers & Herbs Read on . .

Garden containers & Planters are often times Costly. Frankly, they are Expensive and quite Uninspired .  That said- here are My ideas for Economical Garden Greatness .

First Love - Tin Cans . I adore Herbs grown in Vegetable cans. Perhaps it's the Cheeky nod. I'm not sure. . . but Label or Sans Label , Tin cans are the Most accessible & Easiest of all Garden containers.

Tin Chic

Colorful & Utilitarian

So Easy - So Fresh

Wine Crates & Barrels make the Perfect planter. The size allows a Decent variety of Plants and they just look like They were meant to Be on your Deck / Patio or in your Backyard.

Rosemary City Love

Effortless to Drill Through

Blends naturally with Your Deck

Household & Kitchen items work like Champs as planters.  Classic silver Ice Buckets & bowls are like Vintage Fashion for the Outdoors. You can find these items at Any Thrift Shop or Salvation Army. Try to Get into the Habit of shopping Thrift. . .not only Do you Get a great deal, you Also contribute to Your Community. You know what Im going to Say . . .Share the love .

Make your Pasta Proud

This little Tea Pot short & stout. . . 

feels Regal - costs Next to Nothing

A touch of Tarnish adds to the Character 

Finally, get out & hit up Garage Sales or a Flea Market. This is my All Time Favorite activity. Make a Day of it- pack a picnic & bring along some cocktails . . . You will not be disappointed. It goes without Saying- there will be Stellar people watching as well.  Garage Sales & Flea Markets will have all sorts of Funky finds which are perfect for Garden Containers. . . .

Bright Birdcages make an Unforgettable Statement

Retired Wash Basins are Sturdy & Deep

Reclaimed Desk drawers . Lighthearted Brilliance 

Life to a No longer Tired Suitcase

Reminds me of my Sandbox as a Kid . Genius 

Get out & Get to it ! I can't Wait to hear all about Your Garden Finds. Send me a note and Share the love.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Make Grandma Proud

Secret Stash
Upon suggesting Wallpaper to Clients the infamous "What You Talkin' 'Bout Willis" reaction is the Front runner . I understand- Most of us Still feel the scar of the 70's papers . All of that Has changed. . . Drastically.  Today's wallpapers Are fresh, Inspiring, even Mellow.  They are Full of Character and range from Modern Graphic to Subtle Sophistication.  The Trick to incorporating Today's wallpapers is to Keep the majority of the furniture & accessories Low Key- let the Paper be the star . Share the Love. . . Here's how . . .

Painted "accent" walls are Predictable. You are Not. You can Achieve the same Contrast & room Definition by Choosing a paper instead of Paint. Papering only  One wall cuts Cost considerably . . not to mention the Incredibly more Chic result. 

Subtle Sophistication

Fresh Definition

A Grand Punch of Character 

One of my Favorite Wallpaper Applications is on the Ceiling. Completely unexpected and Totally captivating. My All time favorite use is "tiled" papers. Perhaps it's the Chicago in me . . .but I love the feel of a Tin ceiling-  the Texture is just exquisite.  These papers are Usually paintable so you can Flawlessly integrate them with your walls. The result? Refined Cohesion .

Gorgeous Texture

"Anaglypta Original Derby #RD124" $23/roll

Stripes & other Classic Graphic patterns Create a sort of Playful drama. I simply adore the Unexpected Surprise of Ceiling Love.

Makes you Smile, huh.

Inconspicuous Pattern . Dare I say Genius?

Clever Headboards always Bring out the Cheshire in me . . . my Parents have always likened me to the Beloved fella' so I suppose the reaction is merely inherent. Wallpaper is a Contemporary & cost Effective way to completely Customize a Bedroom . Custom always Feels Expensive. . . with Radford it only Appears that way .

Interest + Function . Hallelujah

Fabulous paper & Crown Molding never looked so Chic

I love to use Wallpaper to define small Areas within a space. Recently I have Been all about Sprucing up static Fireplaces and awkward nooks. The Result suggests Nothing short of Intentional Brilliance. 

Black Vinyl = Sexy

Paper is So much More Cost effective than Stone

This Vanity would Feel out of Place & Lonely without the beautiful Backdrop

Papers also make for Ingenious & Inexpensive artwork.  So skip the Lavish Gallery & spend the Afternoon playing with Color & Pattern.

Artwork by You . Massive Bragging rites.

Crisp, Clean & Beautiful

So Now that Your fears Have been Hushed and You are Fired up for Your next Illustrious project- Here a few of my Loves. . .  

PS- Save yourself the Headache and use a calculator to Get the right Quantity!

Brewster "Come Home to Neutral" $27/roll

Warner "Stolen Diamonds" $39.99/roll

Graham & Brown "Palace" $70/roll

Graham & Brown "Small Squares" $30/roll PAINTABLE!

Amy Butler "The Fountain" $46.20/roll

Brewster "Ink" $49/roll

Seabrook "Ginger Tree" $46.99/roll