Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Decorating for the Holidays

Although my beloved Clark Griswold would vehemently disagree, I believe in subtlety when it comes to Holiday decor. I am all for incorporating the the spirit of the season in the home . . it's just that giant snowmen, multicolored flashing lights, and borderline creepy Santa figurines can be, well, scary. Here are my picks for this season's sophisticated touches. . .

Swap out your everyday throw pillows for punchy new versions that echo the vibe of the season. I adore this chevron love from Deco Yellow.  

Holiday Trellis $80

Holiday Sparkle $50
Go Greek $18

Sliver Silk $55

Candy Cane Love $24

Fun, Modern Menorahs are unexpected and always a hit!

Winter Branches $99

Jonathan Adler's Utopia $295

Mod Menorah $150

City Folks Skyline $125

Puzzled $159

Puppy Love $120

Rethink your Holiday Stockings. . .displaying these modern takes on Santa's Sock are a whimsical and unpredictable way to bring in the season.

Simple & Sweet $26

Union Jack $36

Rustic Sweet $18

Even Sweeter $21

Chevron! Color! Pattern! Oh my! $18.50 each

Be Fabulous You and go Bespoke $150 for 4

Or just keep the decorating neutral all together. . .

Porcelain Glow $6-8

Magnolia Leaf Wreath $65

Twig Globe $70

Feather Wreath $19

Winter Forest Candles $20-45

Lacey Snowflake Decals $23 for 6

Simply Etched $24-29

Last but not least is my favorite pick for this season- a true City Girl's delight . . . No muss no fuss.

Decal Pine $55

Happy Holidays with Big Love to All!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011

Simple High Impact

Updating your space need not induce a trip to your therapist's office.  In fact, simple fixes on the cheap may just be all that you really need for a gloomy weather Pick-Me-Up. Here are my Top 5 picks for High Impact updates.

No. 1 - Install Dimmers.
For around $10 a pop and 10 minutes of your time- viola! Atmosphere! See how easy it is here 

No. 2  - Refinish Your Floors.
Updating your floors with a new finish is approximately 1/8 the cost of new flooring. This is definitely one to leave to the pros- however the cost is minimal at around $1.50-$2.50 per square foot.

No. 3 - Swap out Old Hardware for New. 
Transform your kitchen or update the architectural details of your home in an afternoon.  New doorknobs can do wonders to a tired interior. Ikea has a great selection of smart modern hardware & Anthropologie always has charming options.

No. 4 - Paint! 
Walls are the largest surface area of your home. Make the most of the opportunity to inject some personality or welcome a cool calm. For about $100 per room for paint & supplies you can afford to take a risk....just keep the rest of the room neutral if you go with an overachiever (I'm currently adoring Peacock Blue) If painting isn't your thing, I recommend Thompson Holiday for all of my professional paint jobs- small or large.

No. 5 - Dress your Windows.
Clean lines will give your space a sophisticated & timeless update. The trick is to keep your hardware classic and aim to hang curtain panels about 3-4" from the ceiling to maximize your ceiling height.

Enjoy these updates. And remember. . .  Baby steps. Baby steps

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why Hire a Designer?

Four good reasons 
then some . . . 

#1. Five common problems found in today’s interiors:
  • Awkward floor/furniture plan
  • Out of date kitchen and/or bathroom

Lack of space or storage
Low light and/or poor light

  • Lack of or poor architectural details

#2. What Radford brings to the project :

  • Radford helps you resolve design problems & lower cost while rendering a polished result. Our solutions are designed to feel inherent to the space. This is the secret.
  • We provide you with a professional assessment of your situation.
  • We work with you to develop a solid plan of action.
  • Radford will transform your living space. 

#3. Radford offers the following which has no price tag, such as:

  • Endless practical suggestions
Years of knowledge leading to informed insightful observations

  • The ability to see and envision what you may not
The expertise of knowing where to find the perfect item, accessory, or service
Necessary guidance
  • A trained eye that knows when something is not right
A discreet listening ear for you to wish list your desired lifestyle
  • If planning on selling or renting your property, we help you create a space that appeals to a potential buyer & add value to your home

#4.  Radford can & will save you money

  • This includes the time, aggravation, and worry associated with furniture, art, and accessory purchases. It is hard to put a price tag on not having stress
  • Radford will provide you with discounts typically only available to the trade; anywhere between 10% and 40%.
You make sound informed decisions with Radford at the helm. This is diamonds in the long run.

Don't just live in your space- Love Your Space

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Apartment Therapy

Radford loves Apartment Therapy something silly.

Check out my House Tour this month!

Big Love & Kisses to Miss Heather Blaha.

Dinner Party Love

I love a dinner party.  Sharing my home & table with friends and family is always something I look forward to. Styling your table need not be expensive nor maddening. Stay away from batty "themes" & keep it real with items you already own. Here's how. . .

You know I'm going to say it . . .

Hit up those Flea Markets. Here you will find plates, glassware, silver serving pieces & flatware.  Don't be afraid of a little tarnish. Tarn-X is your best friend and besides- it adds a little character!

These trays were $7 each

Less than a minute later these loves have a new life

Doilies from the Dollar Store
Fear Not. It's a dollar

Milk Glass vases are easy to find in second hand stores & markets. I just adore the crisp white against fresh flowers. You can also readily find various glass containers for candles or flowers.

I found this vase for $3

Milk Glass & Vintage Bottles

just add votives

Do yourself a favor and grab a bunch of Mint Julep cups. You will find yourself using them for everything.  I even store makeup brushes in one. Pencils in another. Sometimes chopsticks. Occasionally cigars. These little fellas are your entertaining & decor staple. 

any flower, grass, leaf or herb will do

Empty wine bottles & simple glass containers are a Stress Free & budget friendly alternative to expensive floral arrangements. The key is to keep your flowers monochromatic and add tons of candlelight.

This table was put together in under 5 minutes

Simple is better. Consider glassware as vases.
You already own plenty.

The total cost of these flowers? $12
varying height & containers stretch your flower dollar

Burlap. The cheapest & chicest of all fabrics

From a previous party
vase = free

Candlelight is a must. I always like to use black candles as they are unexpected, edgier, and add a touch of glamour. The best way to ensure the glow is to incorporate at least one votive per guest.

Black tapers offset the sweetness

3 votives. 3 guests

Stock up. 5 for $10. IKEA

Table linens are a great way to either mellow out the scene or amp it up. High impact. Low cost.

Graphic Love. $20 for set of 4

Kavita Napkins Set of 4 $12

Jonathan Adler Talitha table runner $34

Prakesh tablecloth $18

$40 Union Jack tapestry
Makes for one fabulous tablecloth

Adore. Set of 4 for $28

Inject texture & pattern with plates & accessories. If you keep with a standard white setting and mix in pieces you will save on both time & cash. Layer in the unexpected for a custom, not cookie cutter, effect. It's ok if you can't find a complete set. Mingling different patterns with simple white dinnerware is charming & smart.

IKEA 365 series. The prefect canvas. $4

A fabulous base. NeoBaroque Dinnerware $24-32

Not the same.
This is a Good Thing.

Chevron adds a punch

Gold rimmed glasses I found at Market
$6 for set of 6

A Shot of Color $12-16

Touch of Glam Set of 4 for $24

HomeGoods has the best selection of
 White Dinnerware on the cheap
This love was $3

Modern. Classic. Acrylic. Set of 4 for $16

Watercolor Petals $14-24

Above all, Relax & Enjoy yourself & company. Dinner parties are for getting together. Not stressing. If all else fails- Keep it unpretentious. And remember, simplicity leads to elegance.

leave the fuss behind. Have a glass of wine & enjoy!