Monday, October 31, 2011

Simple High Impact

Updating your space need not induce a trip to your therapist's office.  In fact, simple fixes on the cheap may just be all that you really need for a gloomy weather Pick-Me-Up. Here are my Top 5 picks for High Impact updates.

No. 1 - Install Dimmers.
For around $10 a pop and 10 minutes of your time- viola! Atmosphere! See how easy it is here 

No. 2  - Refinish Your Floors.
Updating your floors with a new finish is approximately 1/8 the cost of new flooring. This is definitely one to leave to the pros- however the cost is minimal at around $1.50-$2.50 per square foot.

No. 3 - Swap out Old Hardware for New. 
Transform your kitchen or update the architectural details of your home in an afternoon.  New doorknobs can do wonders to a tired interior. Ikea has a great selection of smart modern hardware & Anthropologie always has charming options.

No. 4 - Paint! 
Walls are the largest surface area of your home. Make the most of the opportunity to inject some personality or welcome a cool calm. For about $100 per room for paint & supplies you can afford to take a risk....just keep the rest of the room neutral if you go with an overachiever (I'm currently adoring Peacock Blue) If painting isn't your thing, I recommend Thompson Holiday for all of my professional paint jobs- small or large.

No. 5 - Dress your Windows.
Clean lines will give your space a sophisticated & timeless update. The trick is to keep your hardware classic and aim to hang curtain panels about 3-4" from the ceiling to maximize your ceiling height.

Enjoy these updates. And remember. . .  Baby steps. Baby steps

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why Hire a Designer?

Four good reasons 
then some . . . 

#1. Five common problems found in today’s interiors:
  • Awkward floor/furniture plan
  • Out of date kitchen and/or bathroom

Lack of space or storage
Low light and/or poor light

  • Lack of or poor architectural details

#2. What Radford brings to the project :

  • Radford helps you resolve design problems & lower cost while rendering a polished result. Our solutions are designed to feel inherent to the space. This is the secret.
  • We provide you with a professional assessment of your situation.
  • We work with you to develop a solid plan of action.
  • Radford will transform your living space. 

#3. Radford offers the following which has no price tag, such as:

  • Endless practical suggestions
Years of knowledge leading to informed insightful observations

  • The ability to see and envision what you may not
The expertise of knowing where to find the perfect item, accessory, or service
Necessary guidance
  • A trained eye that knows when something is not right
A discreet listening ear for you to wish list your desired lifestyle
  • If planning on selling or renting your property, we help you create a space that appeals to a potential buyer & add value to your home

#4.  Radford can & will save you money

  • This includes the time, aggravation, and worry associated with furniture, art, and accessory purchases. It is hard to put a price tag on not having stress
  • Radford will provide you with discounts typically only available to the trade; anywhere between 10% and 40%.
You make sound informed decisions with Radford at the helm. This is diamonds in the long run.

Don't just live in your space- Love Your Space