Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Color in the Bedroom

Nothing wakes up a Bedroom like Color. With warm weather upon us, I am all Shades of excited for Fresh color palettes, Lively yet Sophisticated pattern & above all - comfort. You don't need a complete Bedroom overhaul to achieve a Cheeky new look. . . one or two great pieces are all you need for a High Impact update . Check out some of my new loves for Summer . . .

Replace dresser knobs with these Beauties  $8

This Shade provides a Sexy Glow $8
reminds me a bit of Ingo Maurer's "Flotation"

Set of 6 Moroccan Inspired pillows
color, color, color $160 for set

"Sunshine" Duvet $80

Update your Reflection $99

Major Statement-
 distressed Queen head/footboard $325

Fresh Organic Duvet $99

Bright yet Soothing Artwork $65

Mood Lighting for your dresser $70

Drawn to The Vivid Yellow . . .
 Simply could not resist Wu Tang in the Boudoir $30

100% Cotton Grid Throw $60

These Teardrop Lamps are
small enough for any Nightstand $60

Put on shoes or drop a Dress on this Classic $70

Keep it Romantic & the clothes off the floor
Ruffle Laundry Bag $40

Classically Clean $50

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Video: Spring Projects!

The Convivial Jeanne Sparrow 
I recently had the Pleasure to meet with The Fun as All Get Out Jeanne Sparrow of U&Me This Morning . We chatted about a Couple of Fresh Spring Projects on this Remodeling on a Dime segment. 

A new life for a vanity Seat

Jeanne was a Blast to work with

And she has The Most skilled Corners ever

More on Economical Planters


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tidbit: Thought of The Week

It's Natural to have a Strong Reaction to any "Product" of the Creative process which We aren't Familiar with, don't Understand, or we Assume we don't/won't like - Works of Art. . .
Food. . Music . .  . Fashion .. . Literature .  . . Furniture. . ..

But that Doesn't mean It's not Merely a Moment away from being Something which you will Endlessly adore. . . .

This past Weekend I visited my 94 year-old Mimo in KC for Mother's Day. She reminded me That sometimes we just haven't Grown to Appreciate the things that initially make us Squirm.

Eleanor Radford Walters is a wise woman.


Keep an Open Mind & good things Will Follow. Promise.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lit Under $100

Let's chat a Minute about the outdated Light Fixtures . Yes- look up . You are not Confined to the lighting that was Bestowed upon you by the Previous owner or your Landlord . You wouldn't wear Snow Boots to the Pool, right? I believe that Inappropriate Lighting is the Exact same thing. (I also just Like to say "inappropriate") . It's Awkward, Distracting & Ineffective . If You swap out the Clich├ęd Lighting with these Fresh picks- There will be way More love .  I promise . Tons. 

These are All UNDER $100- . Go be happy.

The M26 Mini Pendant. Truly Pedestrian Chic. Try Alone or a series. Available in Florescent & Incandescent. Chrome or Patina Bronze.  $45

This is just Sexy. Period. Ambiance Pendant $58

Just a Drop of Glam $79

This is PERFECT for a Baby Girl's room $100

Palermo Tessellation Lantern $42

I Adore this Little Guy .  $66

Globe Pendant $99

This Traditional Number is $74 and is Begging you
 to Spray it Poppy Orange

Adore . Hand Painted Wood. So chic. $60

Warmth & Texture . $99

Playful Statement for your
Entry or Powder Room . $87

Updated Industrial $95

Oh the Glow! Put this in The Bedroom Immediately . $99

Bare Bulb Jewelry $45

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tidbit: Boots & Wine

Just a Little Tid of a Bit . . .
My way of Keeping Boots Beautiful. . .  . this Goes for Gentlemen as well. Try Using last Evening's Dinner Party love as Boot Holders.  An Impressive bottle of Wine makes one Helluva Opportune wardrobe Keeper.  Besides- you get to Re-live great memories with Each wear. Cheers!

Tokens of a Celebration 

Wine Bottles Keep my Boots from Losing Shape